Cornwall Independent Financial Advisors Ltd are based in Truro, in the far South West UK.

The principal of the company David R Piper has been in financial services for more than 20 years and in that time has placed many millions of pounds of investment and insurance business for clients all over the world.

C-IFA now look after over £80,000,000 of client investment funds, the annual client premium income exceeds £1,000,000 p.a. and
they have placed more than £100,000,000 in insurance sums assured.

If you would like a FREE initial personal consultation please contact us here.

C-IFA works on behalf of their clients in order to find the most suitable financial products from a vast and often complex array available. We can source the best solutions for equity release, the most appropriate rates for life and health cover, and the optimum investment returns for your savings. We are able to use most investment houses or insurance companies, and have software systems to monitor changes in the market, analyse information and source quotations.

We are independent of any particular financial provider or product. Our only obligation is to you.

Please click here to be connected to the Financial Services Authority website which will explain more about the value of independent advice and how various products work.

As we are independent you have the choice whether to pay a fee for the mortgage advice we provide. Typical £250 / 0.3% of the Mortgage amount.

To understand the features and risks of Equity Release Mortgages, ask for a personalised illustration.
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  Pound Cost Averaging Back to top 

When markets are depressed unit values drop. However the amount you save each month or year remains constant, so we constantly monitor the markets and buy more units when the price is low! When unit prices rise again you will obviously have a larger number of units than if the market had risen steadily.

It seems too simple doesn“t it?  Like many great ideas its beauty is in its simplicity.

Where a £10,000 pa investment over 10 years might yield £43,700 profit in a steadily rising market, with Pound Cost Averaging the difference can be as much as £123,600. These are example figures of course, finding out how much you can benefit starts with an enquiry.
Source: Temple Bar International 1-8-98
  Attitude to Risk Back to top 
In contemplating your finances, are you cautious, balanced, speculative or high risk?.

Are you more interested in preserving the value of your investment than receiving a return on
your capital, or are you more than willing to accept a greater chance of a decline in value to
increase the potential for higher returns?

Find out by answering our simple 10 point questionnaire, which should only take a few
minutes and you can download here. It's an Excel document, so once you've completed it and found out your score, you can save it and send it to us as an email attachment, so we
can begin tailoring a financial solution to suit your individual attitude to risk. .
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All investments can be categorised by their asset class i.e. what they actually invest in. No-one really knows which asset class will perform best in future but there is a rough correlation between the amount of risk taken by investing in any given asset. We always
aim to spread our clients investments over all of the asset classes with the allocation being dependent on their appetite for risk.

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